Miyerkules, Nobyembre 28, 2012

This is Alfie.


This Christmas, what will be the best THING to decorate your home without even trying to purchase multi-functions furniture?

I know some of you are worried thinking of how much will fit your place. Some of you even browse multiple magazines and websites to see functional beds and sofa to save space.

Yes, I know these feelings because I been there a lot with my clients. But don’t stress yourself over something that should have been more fun to experience.

If I were own a unit or small house, decorating may probably bring a lot of stress to my veins as well. However I work in a furniture-environment-company, that’s why I think at least I have an idea to pick some furniture that can get along with my style and yours as well.

From my experience, clients have the tendency of asking what’s for their bedroom firsts. They will inquire bed frame and mattresses to start the conversation. However, some may start asking for sofa set or living room accessories. Worst, some may bring me back and forth from bedroom to kitchen then bedroom again to patio and then so on.

I suggest if this is your first time settling alone, looking for interior designer is the best choice right now. On the other hand, if you want to be a “hands-on designer” of your own pad try talking to a friend or someone you know who’s been under the circumstances before. They will give you an insights and suggestions on how to keep your place modern and warm. Also, talking to someone close to you regarding this matter will help you to take a step further on what’s hot and what’s not.

A small condo unit is one of the hardest places to design since you have limited space and area to do so. You can play around with some accessories but shouldn’t overdo it. I heard that the first choice will be the best choice of all. If the idea happens to entangle from one another, then it’s time to call someone for help. 

Or I can help you if you like me to intrude…


Well I only got one bed in my mind right now. I don’t wanna brag something out of this but this furniture really looks cool in any place you might think it can be. If you have limited space you can go purchase this one and be your sofa. Yes, this is a sofa bed is in 36”W x 75”L form. The 75” long is the standards length of any of our day beds. Check the image below:

Alfie Day bed slight side view

Alfie Daybed front view

The bed has modern design with minimal style. An armrests and backrest to support your shoulder then the mattress frame with foam that supports your body. The design follows the zen and modern type look which best fits at any corner in your house (if that’s what you’re rooting for). Although I showed you an image where the bed is set in an adequate space, I still assure you that it can fit that condense area of yours. BUT if doubt still lingers in you I suggest you should measure the place where you best settle the daybed so you wouldn’t blame yourself or anyone else when the size preferred cannot fit in the room.

As always, our wood can come from different light or darkness depending on how you want it to be. From the image above, the finish is Wenge semi gloss finish. The color blends well with the white border since they are throwing an opposite shades. The bed also goes fine with the taupe colored mat that gives a more relaxing scene.

You can also pair the wenge finish to every mattress sheets color. The one at the top has a usual black and white combination but if you want to play around you can choose beige, light brown and light green. I choose light green so you can play well with the interior or go well with the mat.

 You may also consider this type of daybed for your office room or lounge area. The patio is also a nice place for this day bed, or the veranda.

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