Biyernes, Enero 25, 2013


Last year I promised to show you a trainee’s blog – specifically two blogs. But, again, I wasn't able to post the other one.

I've been regretting this negligence of duty when it comes to giving my readers insights of what’s happening in this company. I regret when I drop promises.

But moving to another topic gives me an idea to move on and continue…


As I was scanning my phone looking for actual pictures of our work, I came across with a raw side table. People use this to store mostly small accessories, valuable stuff and other things that could make your room untidy (well that’s how I use my side table).

What I mean about the “raw”, there’s no varnish or paint on the wood. And I must say, I’m not into it.

I’m not into it because of how it looks. I’m not into it in terms of how it was made. If it hadn’t been for unequal placing of putty and the red lines along the drawers, I would definitely like the simpleness of this wardrobe…but I’m not.

But how can I hate when it was ordered from us …

Raw Side Table

The client requested to make a side table and chest drawer without color coating. They’ll be the one to finish everything…

 Anyway, the reason why I want to blog this is to give the readers an idea on how broad we can do on furniture. You can order anything from us even the glass of your dining table. On every blog I made I repeatedly point out the customization of furniture is always the company’s cup of tea. So when the client says “I like it raw”, “I like to see grains on this wood” or “Can you imitate this kind of furniture to this xx site or xx magazine” our minds are open to diversity.


Dakota Chest Drawer

Dakota is one of our furniture. Finish in wenge matte with steel on handles and legs. The measurement is probably 16” Depth x 51” Length x 36” Height.  The furniture got 5 drawers with two handle each (which is kind of necessary since the length is wide). Having 2 handles will help the drawers to easily pull-out. The image is only a sketch and not an actual picture.

 You can send your sketch as well if you have your own design. Special instructions are requested to be defined or elucidate to avoid overlooking.


For now I will end my blog ‘because I will edit our trainee’s blog. If the editing went well I will post it here. Promise!

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