Biyernes, Enero 15, 2016

Tricks of hanging picture frames

You wanna know some tricks in hanging your picture frames?

Here are the fun process of hanging your favorite picture frames 

Read these my fellow fellas
1. This goes in the “how to figure out where to stick the nail” folder, and it’s a good one from 
2.  Simply photocopy the item you want to hang, tape to the wall, and drill where needed.
3. T: if you have to climb a ladder to hang something high up, throw a magnet in your pocket first. You can keep metal nails and screws at the ready, without having to put them in your mouth.
4. Or, glue the magnet directly to your hammer for some simple nail storage. 
5. . Put a length of tape between the two holes on your picture, then transfer to the wall where you’ll hang the picture. Drill at each end of the tape.
6. This works with pretty much any type of bracket, 
7. You can hang lighter items temporarily using handmade glue dots, 
8. rigs a handy little tool each time she hangs something, and get its right every time.
9. If you always hit your fingers instead of the nail, use a packing peanut. 
10. Don’t have packing peanuts? How about a clothespin?
11.  Using soda tabs instead of hooks before.
12. If you screw up, a rubber band on the hammer head will protect walls as you remove your nail. 

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