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What To Do When You Can’t Fully Renovate Your Rented Space?

In reality, people don’t have that much to afford their own space even they earned a higher degree than others. Let’s say, due to certain economic circumstances like fair hike, gas prices up, unstoppable kids tuition fee increase and much more to mention.

Though these happenings didn’t stop our lovely client, a single mother, mother of two, for having a beautiful home.  Yes, she is just renting out because as much as she wants to have an investment, she can’t sacrifice her child’s education. As per the client, she can’t be able to pay both monthly amortizations and decorating expenses; thus, she chose one between the two. She can’t also make a big down payment in exchange for sleepless nights and uncomfortable home to live. At least, even you are just renting out, you are comfortable and has the time to save up for better options. Good thing, the owner is her friend, which gave her the best deal.

Living area

 Look how inviting and lovely this corner. Of course, the wallpaper created an ambiance that we were expecting. She just wants us to make her living area feel like a French theme. Repainting of the wall is not recommended since it will cost you more when you are just renting out. Most esp. if the developer of the house doesn’t care how rough your wall is.  Instead of repeating the work, we just made the empty wall look interesting. FYI, not all decorative kinds of stuff are expensive. We didn’t also pay attention to the ceiling because major renovations aren’t allowed.

Dining area

This space totally puzzled our minds on how we can fit a four-seater rectangular table. Unfortunately, a plus size woman may not be able to enjoy this table. A wall mounted full-size mirror that adds illusion to that very small corner, which took an advantage becoming an accent— It explains that the apartment is designed as a loft.


 Just a simple request: extra storage for bathroom essentials and hanging shelves for other pieces of stuff. Minor re-painting has been made.

Wall mounted Bunkbed for kids

Masters Bedroom

Did I mention that the majority of the furniture’s mostly sliding cabinets were made inside the apartment? The stairs are not that wide and we can’t be able to carry these beautiful pieces up. Good thing, our team is genius to make this happen. Thus, in case she decided to move out to her permanent home, we can dismantle all these for her and assemble up again. Even space didn't undergo a major renovation, at least, her space will get the attention of her kids and future guests. 

Wanna know the cost of this project? Did we make you feel that renting out is not really a bad idea? Comment down on your insights

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